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Chad, a country in the heart of Africa, shares borders with Libya, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic and Sudan.

Geographically and culturally, Chad is a crossing point between North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

With an area of ​​ 284 000 km2, it is the fifth largest country in Africa.

  • President of the Republic : Idriss DEBY ITNO
  • Official languages : French and Arabic
  • City : N’Djamena
  • Time zone : UTC+1
  • Total population : 14 899 941 hab.
  • Change : Franc CFA (XAF​)
  • Religions : Islam, Christianity and Animism


The country is located between the 7th and 24th degrees North latitude on the one hand, and the 13th and 24th degrees East on the other. The majority of the population lives in the south. The density ranges from 54 inhabitants per km2 in the Logone basin to 0.1 persons per km2 in the northern desert.

Chad is a very hot and dry country overall. The country has four bioclimatic zones. In the desert north (Sahara), the annual rainfall is less than 200 mm to a minimum of less than 10 mm and the population is largely nomadic, with herds consisting mainly of camels and small ruminants. The central transition zone (Sahel) receives between 200 and 600 mm of precipitation per year and the vegetation varies between steppe and savannah.

  • Continent : Afrique
  • Region : Afrique centrale
  • Contact information : 15° 00′ N 19° 00′ E
  • Area : 20e rang mondial, 1 284 517 km2, Terres : 98,1%, Eau : 1,9%, Côtes 0 km
  • Border : Sudan, Central African Republic, Niger, Libya, Nigeria and Cameroon
  • Maximum altitude : 3 415 m, Emi Koussi
  • Minimum altitude : Depression of Djourab, 160 m
  • Longest stream : Chari
  • Largest body of water : Lac Chad


Sites dedicated to the conservation of biological diversity cover about 20% of the national territory:

  • 10 classified forests
  • Three national parks
  • Seven wildlife reserves
  • A biosphere reserve
  • Wetlands of International Importance
  • A multitude of sacred forests and community forests


Chad is three-quarters rural. Agriculture and livestock are the dominant activities.

In 2004, oil accounted for more than 80% of national exports, allowing the trade balance to become significantly in surplus.


Francs CFA

Exchange rate

1 euro = 655,59

1 dollar = 590, 80


Three mobile operators share the market :

  • Salam (historical operator)
  • Airtel
  • Tigo
  • FAI

N’Djamena, City

N’Djamena (etymologically “We rested“, Fort-Lamy before 1973) is the administrative capital and the largest city of the Republic of Chad. It has more than 1,092,066 inhabitants (2012 estimate).

Weather forecast

Traveling in the city

The city of N’Djamena has various modes of transport. The most common are:

Taxis : They are in the city center and around the hotels (yellow)..

Car rental : Rental companies offer their services in the city center of N’Djamena..


Tourism country par excellence, Chad has enormous wealth. Located in the heart of Central Africa, it is full of tourist potential. FROM NORTH TO SOUTH, from East to West, the country of Toumaï, cradle of humanity is the sum of all Africa in miniature with its sweet sahel, its austere desert, its rich and variegated flora and fauna ; its lakes, similar to unique inlets, forests and diverse populations.

The city of N’Djamena has many tourist sites

The most attractive places known are :

  • The place de la Nation
  • La Place de la Grande Armée
  • Le Musée national
  • Le Musée de Gaoui
  • La Fontaine de l’Union
  • La cathédrale style colonial
  • La Mosquée Roi Fayçal
  • Le marché central de la ville

In the different regions of the country, one finds the following sites of which some are inscribed in the list of the World heritage of UNESCO :

  • The Gaoui Museum
  • National parc of Zakouma
  • The Abtouyour Mountain
  • The Queen of Guera
  • The Ennedi mountains
  • The sites of Lake Ounianga
  • The Gothio de Léré Falls
  • The prehistoric sites of Faya Largeau
  • The rock carvings of Zouar
  • The peaks of Tibesti
  • The ruins of Ouara
  • Lake Chad
  • Mandelia Wildlife Reserve
  • The Douguia tourist site

Tourist Images

Tourism country par excellence, Chad has enormous wealth.

Useful information

The electrical system : French Model


  • The security of the city is ensured by the national police, the guards Nomads, the National Gendarmerie and the private security services.
  • All public accesses: Hotel, Airport, Super Market, Hospital, tourist site … are subjected to intensive control (Body search, inspection of machines, Identification …)
  • Several identification checks will be made to access the venue of the event (Hotel Radisson);
  • The internet infrastructure is protected by two firewall levels (primary and secondary);
  • The electronic communications service is secured from the heart of the network of operators;
  • The National Agency for Computer Security and Electronic Certification (ANSICE) oversees the regulation and application of texts and laws on the protection of personal data;

Contact persons for more information

The Focal Point of the Event
  • Name : HAMIT Djeroua Moura
  • Phone: (+ 235) 99 90 05 13 / 66 26 43 79
  • WhatsApp : +33 76 17 87 364
  • Mail:
The Home Committee Manager
  • Phone : (+235) 66 30 96 30 / 99 30 96 30
  • WhatsApp : + 235 66 30 96 30
  • Mail:
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